Now is the time to secure digital assets for your startup!

If you are planning to launch a startup in the cannabis industry in the next year or two, your timing couldn’t be better. With operational legal and medical markets in several states already and new markets opening up in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine, the cannabis industry as a whole is poised to explode.

The Green Rush is Already Here

With major opportunity comes major enthusiasm. As new markets come online, a massive wave of new cannabis producers, dispensaries, extractors, and other ancillary businesses will be launched in the near future, and those who got started early will have a head start. It is only a matter of time before federal prohibition is repealed completely, allowing for interstate commerce. The companies that have versatile brands and strong marketing strategies will be the ones that succeed in the new national cannabis marketplace.

Build a World-Class Brand

If you are in the early phases of planning your business, your brand should be one of the first things you establish. Having an identity that is memorable and recognizable will be a major determining factor in your success or failure: the more memorable and recognizable your brand is, the more of an advantage you will give yourself.

The Importance of a Domain

While there are infinite possible domain names to represent your business, having the domain that is the most recognizable and easiest to remember will pay off in numerous ways. In almost every scenario, that means owning the dot-com for whatever your brand name is. Since dot-com is the most popular domain extension and so many dot-com’s are already taken, many investors and entrepreneurs choose to start with the domain, purchasing a premium dot-com to use as a brand for their new business, giving themselves a head start on their long-term marketing goals. Some companies also use certain alternative extensions as an ideal branding opportunity based on their region: for example “.co” could serve as a reference to Colorado, and “.la” could serve as a reference to Los Angeles. Deciding which extension is the best fit for your business often comes down to your plans for future growth: if you are looking to build a national brand, dot-com will most likely get you the farthest. However, if you are focused on local business, a domain name extension that emphasizes your region could help you stand out among your competitors.

Invest in Your Future Success

At Juanadomain, we have curated a large selection of domain names that would be ideal for cannabis startups. If you are looking to start your business off on the right foot, any one of these domains will help you achieve early recognition and keep your brand in your customers’ minds. Browse our available names today and discover your next brand!

Available Domain Names